Shopping At Kumbhalgarh

Shopping At Kumbhalgarh :

Kumbhalgarh is nothing but a small village, which is situated next to Udaipur. Shopping at Kumbhalgarh is not something that you could call a pleasing experience nor is Kumbhalgarh some shopping destination where you can claim to shop till you drop. There is rarely anyone who really shops at all at Kumbhalgarh. Rather than shopping it is more of a place where people come to relax and admire the beauty of the nature. Whatever people may say, but returning back home from a

Shopping Near Kumbhalgarh
Shopping Near Kumbhalgarh

tour without buying anything for yourself or any souvenirs for the near and dear ones is practically impossible.

Incase of that, it is advisable to shop at Udaipur, which is the nearest city to Kumbhalgarh and is only of the most important tourist destinations at Rajasthan. The city of Udaipur is famous or renowned for its handicrafts and their miniature paintings in the Mughal or the Rajput style. The paintings that are drawn generally feature long necks, large eyes that are almond shaped and long fingers, all of which are made with the use of subdued colors. The miniature paintings are available on different materials such as silk, paper, marble and ivory. They usually make great souvenirs. Make it a point of picking up a few of them either for yourself or your relatives.

Other things, which are worth buying at Udaipur, are its silver jewellery; puppets, pottery and its stone carved items. Also the handmade papers, marble and wooden carved doors and the brassware’s and precious- semiprecious stones are a must watch.

In Udaipur, the main shopping areas are situated around the Jagdish Temple and along the Lake Palace road. Many other places that you can check out for shopping are Bapu Bazaar, Chetak Continue reading “Shopping At Kumbhalgarh”