Ranakpur Jain Temples Near Kumbhalgarh

Ranakpur Jain Temples:

Apart from the beautiful scenic locations in Kumbhalgarh, the places around Kumbhalgarh are equally beautiful and worth watching. Missing these places would be a great loss to an adventure seeker. One of the most important destinations is the Ranakpur Jain temples. These well-known and renowned temples are not too far away from Kumbhalgarh and are just 50 Kms away from them through Vanpura and Saira.

Ranakpur Temple
Ranakpur Temple

Rana Kumbha built these Jain temples in the year of 1438. Ranakpur, which was then a frequently ravaged war land turned into a center full of serenity and tranquility and also became a center of meditation. It also turned into a museum to protect sculptures to which the rich and wealthy ministers and merchants of the Jain community kept adding statues and shrines. The Chaumukha temple, which is situated right at the center of all the temples, has been dedicated to the Adinath Tirthankara. There lies an astonishing monument right in the middle of 29 halls and 1444 different pillars and each of them have been carved distinctly.

Out of all the temples, 2 of them have been specifically dedicated to the Jain saints. These temples have two very beautiful carvings of Parasnath and Neminath and are quite identical to those, which are responsible for making Khajuraho so famous.

There is also a Sun temple pretty nearby which has wall’s which are decorated and embellished richly using various figures and designs like horses, warrior and other solar Deities riding splendid Continue reading “Ranakpur Jain Temples Near Kumbhalgarh”