Kumbhalgarh Travel Package : Whats the Money Worth ?

India has always been a composite country: consisting of diverse cultures, wide range of religion, a whole set of different geographical terrains. From the point of view of tourism, this country is a place to get it all. One such area where travellers flock in from different parts of the world is the Kumbhalgrah fort in Rajasthan.

Kumbhalgarh travel package can be priced under certain tags.

Kumbhalgarh Travel Package
Kumbhalgarh Travel Package


one can travel by air, train or by road. For people travelling by air, one has to get down at the Udaipur airport. If one comes from places like Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, or Delhi one can avail train services till Phalna. But the journey from there is a bit less convenient. It is thus advised to get down at Udaipur or Jaipur.

The road trip from there is quite convenient. One has to take the Udaipur-Ranakpur highway.  There is choice available for one to take a bus or ride on one’s own. There are several sights to visit en route. Kumbhalgarh travel tour consists of the idyllic stretch of path that enthrals any soul.


The hotels chosen to stay and spend the duration of visit also affect the Kumbhalgarh Travel Package. If one chooses to stay in heritage hotels by the likes of the Aodhi, the Kumbhalgarh Fort hotel, the monetary value increase manifold. Royal treatment and luxurious ambience is what one gets in these places.  There are other hotels present where the costing is less and the stay is cost effective.


There are quite a number of things to see in Kumbhalgarh. The fort is a main attraction in the Kumbhalgarh travel tour. A 15th century creation, this relic has the world’s third longest running walls spanning over 36 kms. Rana Kumbha created this on the rugged landscape of the Aravallis, and it was one insurmountable territory for a long time. There exist innumerable gateways and a plethora of palaces. The temples that exist there evoke a sense of awe. The cravings speak true of the architectural heritage. There is a sanctuary that is the panther reserve of India.

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