Kumbhalgarh Tourism : History and Tradition Blended

Kumbhalgarh Tourism is gaining pace in recent years and attracts major tourist traffic for Udaipur tourism. Situated in Rajsamand of Rajasthan, this Mewar Fortress is geographically north to Udaipur. There are many reasons as to why Kumbhalgarh tours gain so much momentum and popularity. Few of them are listed here.

Historical Importance:

Kumbhalgarh Tourism
Kumbhalgarh Tourism

This fort is a testimony to brilliance in architecture. Built in 15th century, this fort was practically impregnable by any intruders. Rana Kumbha who built this fort made good use of the rugged terrain of the Aravalli range to provide security to the troops in times of attack. This was an easy refuge, all kudos to the location and intelligence of construction. It was defeated only once and that too by the combined forces of the Raja Udai Singh, Raja Man Singh, the Sultan of Gujarat and the Mughals. Another reason why this fort stands so important to Indian history is the birth place of Maharana Pratap.

The Kumbhalgarh India tours have another pivot. The walls of the fort that run over a stretch of 36 kms is the third ranking longest walls, worldwide. Such magnificence also creates attraction.

Magnificent Architecture

During the Kumbhalgarh tour, one can come across a plethora of outstanding architectural wonders. The fort has a palatial form of build up. There are numerous gateways, precisely seven in number. Aret Pol, Halla Pol, Hanuman Pol, and Paghra Pol are some of them. Each Pol or gateway has its own significance in relation to the age old history.

There are many palaces that are also present. The palace in which the builder used to live is called the Kumbha Palace. It has beautiful windows carved out of stones.

The Badal Mahal is the most beautiful of all. Located at the highest peak of the fort, this palace gives a panoramic view to the entire location. The high point of Kumbhalgarh tour to Rajasthan is this palace and the sight one gets from up this point.


Another highlight of the Kumbhalgarh Tour travel is the visits to the temples. Such crafty artistry enthralls the onlooker. Be it the Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, or the Ganesh Temple, besides the pious ambiance one gets to witness some marvelous pieces of art. An idol of Hanuman is constructed upon the Hanuman Pol.


There is a wildlife sanctuary present a little far from the fort. This is supposedly the only panther Continue reading “Kumbhalgarh Tourism : History and Tradition Blended”