Kumbhalgarh Holiday – The Heritage of the Maharajas to Enthral and Replenish You

Kumbhalgarh Holiday:

The traditional grandeur of the state of Rajasthan comes alive in the mighty fortress of Kumbhalgarh. Live and experience the royalty of the Maharajas and the princess and princesses which in the backdrop of this incredible heritage structure. Located in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, the fort contributes largely to the tourism of the state, especially to the Udaipur tour packages.

The fort has an excellent historical background which has once been ruled by the Rana Kumbha and his dynasty and that is marked by the 15th century. Once the seat of the Rajwadas, this fort location has numerous other small forts and palaces surrounding it and imparts a serene and majestic outlook to the place. the wildlife reserve is also here which is famous in India. The wall of the fort is the 2nd largest in the world with a length of 36 kilometers.

Here, the main things to watch out for are the palaces and temples located in the fort premises. The Palace in which the builder was housed is known as the KumbhaPalace. While the main

Kumbhalgarh Holiday
Kumbhalgarh Holiday

Palace, i.e. the Badal Palace is located at the top of the fort and it has a plethora of impressive architectural and stone carvings and carved windows and galleries. In addition you can feast your senses by having a panoramic view of the entire location from the top of the Badal Palace.

The temples constructed in the fort offer you an insight into the piety and religion of the time. The environment in the temples is soothing to the senses and gives you a¬†marvelous¬†experience. The Continue reading “Kumbhalgarh Holiday – The Heritage of the Maharajas to Enthral and Replenish You”