Kumbhalgarh Heritage Tours

Kumbhalgarh A Heritage Destination, Kumbhalgarh Heritage Tours

The north western region of India presents a great deal of tourist spots. Rajasthan is one of the major attraction points. There is a fort around 80 kms north of Udaipur by the name of Kumbhalgarh. A 15th century building, this fort is a central attraction of Udaipur tourism.

There are Kumbhalgarh heritage tours arranged every year. These tours follow a certain route map and takes travelers to laces of historical significance.  The Kumbhalgarh Fort, built by Rana Kumbha is a huge construction. A top a 1100m height, this concrete boasts of world’s third longest running walls after China and Iran. Several gateways and a multitude of temples adorn the place. The huge structure is of palatial architecture. The Kumbhalgarh Heritage Tours also include the sanctuary and the nearby tourist attractions en route.

Kumbhalgarh Heritage Hotels:

golden kumbhal garh fort
golden kumbhal garh fort

There are special Kumbhalgarh heritage hotels arranged for the stay of the travel enthusiasts. Some of them are:

  • The Aodhi Hotel: a part of the HRH Hotel Group, it used to be the hunting lodge previously. Set on the hills close to the fort, this is a popular choice for tourists. The rooms are themed on jungle ambiance amalgamated with modern amenities. This enthrals the visitors. It is in proximity with the sanctuary too, the only panther reserve. These make Aodhi a suitable and cosy choice for putting up. A roof top restaurant, by the name of Chowka restaurant is present for the food and beverages.
  • Hotel Kumbhalgarh Fort: cradled in the Aravallis, the fort is partially converted into hotels and restrooms. A midst the age old traditional and historic monuments, blended with modern day facilities, this accommodation destination is definitely a favorite  A well furnished bar and restaurant is also available. The provision of relaxation and rejuvenation is exquisite and has a royal feel to it.
  • The Dera Kumbhalgarh: for the more adventure loving tourists and the quest thirst travel enthusiast  Dera provides a unique experience. Tents are erected amidst the bounty of nature. Proper tents are present in places of rooms. The scenic splendor and the gorgeous valleys make the stay all the more worth. All the modern luxuries are present. It is quite close to the Kumbhalgarh fort itself. So one can reach the fort quite easily. It has its own kitchen serving Continue reading “Kumbhalgarh Heritage Tours”