Ghanerao, which is a small town near Kumbhalgarh is the place where Thakur Sajjan Singhji along with his wife and son Kumar Himmat Singh recreated the ambiance of the charming old world by converting this magnificent Ghanerao royal castle into a heritage hotel for several paying guests. Gopal Das Rathore originally constructed this castle in the year 1603.

Ghanerao Royal Castle Near Kumbhalgarh :

In the areas surrounding the castle are situated the royal and the splendid cenotaphs of the former warriors and the rulers. There is also a beautiful and artistic Jain temple specially dedicated to the Lord Mahavira near the Ghanerao castle.

The Ghanerao castle, which is the royal castle of Rajasthan, is to be found in the region very close to Kumbhalgarh, the Ghanerao region. This castle comprises of a large number of havelis made up of graceful sandstone and marble bastions. The castle has been built up in a typical Rajput architectural style with numerous Rajput miniature paintings put up on all the walls of the magnificent castle. Yet another impressive feature of this castle are the chandeliered rooms and the beautifully carved lattice friezes.

Every room of this castle is distinct and differs from every other room in terms of the balcony, verandahs and terraces. The restaurants available in this hotel serve multiple cuisines along with the traditional Rajasthani dishes. The hotel also provides additional facilities and privileges such as the Jeep safaris and sightseeing tours to all the places situated nearby such as the Kumbhalgarh fort, Wildlife sanctuary, the historic Jain temples and many such places.

The genuine warmth of this place accompanied with the beautiful ambiance as well as the peeing Continue reading “Ghanerao”