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Kumbhalgarh is a Mewar Fortress build by Rana Khumbha in the 15th century. It is also known as the birth place of a great ruler and warrior of Mewar, Maharana Pratap. It is situated in Rajsamand District of Rajasthan state in western India. Expanded till 19th century, and occupied till late 90’s it is one of the most famous attractions in Rajasthan. It is open to all public for tourism purpose and is spectacularly lit for few minutes every evening. After Chittaurgarh, it is the most important fort in Mewar.

Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh Resort:

night view kumbhalgarh
night view kumbhalgarh

First a little history about the place, situated at 82 kilometer north-west from Udaipur, The kumbhalgarh was built by Rana Kumbha, the descendant of Sisodia Dynasty. Kumbhalgarh is said to have been designed and developed by Rana kumbha himself. Out of 84 Forts, Rana Kumbha designed 32 of them. Kumbhalgarh also separated Mewar from Marwar.It was used in time of danger as a place to hide as a refuge by rulers and ministers of that time.

There is a total of seven gateways to enter the Fortress namely, Hanuman Pol, Halla Pol, Ram Pol, Aret Pol, Vijay Pol, Nimboo Pol, Bhairon Pol. Only five of these are situated under property boundary, Aret Pol is excluded and Halla Pol is situated in buffer zone. One more gateway is situated in the east which is known as Danibatta, and it connects Mewar to Marwar.

It has got Kumbha mahal with integrated Men and Women apartments, and on the very top is situated the Badal Mahal built by Rana Fateh Singh. The Temples were built throughout the construction period, Such as Mataji temple (Group of Hindu and Jain temples) from 13th century until Golera Temples in 18th century.

For travel and tourism this place is a beauty and a resort named Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh is present there for uncommon experience of stay at this magnificent Fortress. Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh is a resort whose architecture has been inspired by elements from the Rajput period. The accommodation is delightfully furnished with the most high-end and modern facilities to offer a luxurious stay.

The Hotel and Room Facilities at Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh Resort are just marvellous which comprises of swimming pool, indoor games, table tennis, bar, outdoor games, spa, conference hall, gym, beautyparlor, daily Rajasthani theme evening entertainment, grocery shop and a range of adventure activities.  It consists of 54 well furnished rooms and 16 of them are currently operational present with amenities such as direct dial telephone, air conditioner, satellite television, room Continue reading “Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh”