Rajsamand Lake

Rajsamand Lake:

One of the most important places to watch Kumbhalgarh is its wildlife sanctuary. You will never be disappointed once you visit this fortress city because there are several other attractions that

Nau Chowki
Nau Chowki

cannot be missed out and are definitely worth visiting. Amongst all of them, Rajsamand Lake is one of the most famous one and the most popular excursions around Kumbhalgarh. It is a place visited and enjoyed by people belonging to any class and any age group. It is enjoyed by one and all including the kids; who need a place to play, their parents who come to relax and unwind from their busy schedules and their grand parents who just come to enjoy the scenic beauty.

The Rajsamand Lake, which is situated in Rajasthan, is situated on the way to the Kumbhalgarh city. A marvelous dam was built in the 17th century on this beautiful looking lake. The bank of this lake has a beautiful view and is full of Cenotaphs also called as chhatris. The bank also has several stunning arches commonly known as torans by the people of Rajasthan. There are also a large number of pavilions, which give a gorgeous view to the tourists and the localities staying around.

The bank of the Rajsamand Lake also has a garden, which has been developed and built up by the Department of Irrigation. the garden is having several trees and distinct plantations. The garden looks very colorful  The main attractions of the lake are the stunningly carved sculptures and the Sanskrit verses which are vividly inscribed in the store.