Other Places Worth Seeing Near Kumbhalgarh

Other Places Worth Seeing Near Kumbhalgarh :

Several places, which have been discussed before, are the Kumbhalgarh fort and the Wildlife Sanctuary at Kumbhalgarh, both of which are situated in Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan. Certain other places such as the Ranakpur Jain Temples, the Ghanerao Castle that has been turned into a royal heritage hotel where paying guests come and reside and the Rajsamand Lake are situated at the nearby places from Kumbhalgarh city.

Along with these places there are 2 more tourist attractions around Kumbhalgarh. One of them is the Muchchala Mahavir Temple, which has been built up and has been dedicated to the Jain Lord Mahavira. The other one is the venue of the most well known or the famous historical battle that would have happened, Haldighati.

Muchchala Mahavir Temple:

The Muchchala Mahavir temple is widely known for it’s artistically carved statue of the Lord Mahavir with a¬†mustache¬† which it enshrines. Right at the entrance of the temples are the two beautiful elephant statues, which have been placed in such a way that it looks as if they guard the gateway. The temple is situated at about 5 Kms away from Ghanerao and is located in the Kumbhalgarh sanctuary.

Haldighati :

Haldighati Way
Haldighati Way

Haldighati has always been known because of it being the venue for the most well known historical battle that happened in the year 1576AD. The battle was fought between Rana Pratap, who was the son of Udai Singh and Akbar, the Mughal emperor who ruled the Mughal Empire successfully for several years

Haldighati also consists of a cenotaph – often called as a chhatris of Rana Pratap. The cenotaph has been made up of white marble columns. Along with Rana Pratap’s chhatris lies another one dedicated to his loyal and famous horse Chetak.