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Kumbhalgarh is a fortress in the state of Rajasthan. It is situated in the Rajsamand district, which is 82 km northwest of Udaipur. It has a brilliant historical background; it was once ruled by Kumbha and his dynasty. Anybody who wants to go to Kumbhalgarh, must either take a flight or a train and reach Udaipur first.

This is a beautiful place and a lovely spot for a weekend or a short vacation. One will always be amongst the royal and the ruins yet have an interesting vacation.

Kumbhalgarh Hotels Booking:

For Kumbhalgarh hotels booking, one can contact Club Mahindra. It is a beautiful resort of 69 rooms. The resort is nice and gives a peaceful atmosphere. The resort is extremely spacious. One can check in into Aodhi Hotel. In fact Dera Kumbhalgarh and Karn Palace Hotel are two of the most visited and loved hotels. People wanting to go for a vacation at Kumbhalgarh can check out the various other lists of Kumbhalgarh hotels booking and book the most suitable one. And another beautiful hotel in this list is Hotel Kumbhalgarh Palace.

Kumbhalgarh is a place visited by many foreign tourists every year and they always get their tour conducted by various Kumbhalgarh travel agents. The foreigners love the 15th century fortress. They make bookings through the Kumbhalgarh hotels reservation agents and stay at the Tiger Valley Resort in Kumbhalgarh.

For best details and information and in fact to get the affordable booking any one can contact

parking at fort
parking at fort

Kumbhalgarh hotels reservation agents. They know the best options for a lovely and budget proof stay. They know which hotels to book and the nearby places from each of the hotels one can pay a visit. Getting in touch with such agents is not a difficult task. In fact they can provide the best options in according to ones budget. They can also help in getting easy accommodation in Dera Kumbhalgarh which is a brilliant one. It offers the best room, a fantastic surrounding of the birds view. The fort has an inbuilt fort within itself. The tourists can also have a wonderful horse and camel safari.

To visit the birth place of Maharana Pratap; tourists can contact various Kumbhalgarh travel agents, who organizes tours and arranges hotels for stay and they also conduct every aspect of the tour accordingly. This is a unique and an interesting destination and attracts tourists for its massive citadel built and the wildlife sanctuary.

Most easy and convenient way to reach Kumbhalgarh is by arranging a car from Udaipur. It is said to be the second best after Chittorgarh. The other tourist attractions are Vedi Temple and Mammadev Temple. A good travel agent takes care of all. Therefore visiting this place is a life time experience, a history yet to be excavated and discovered by many.