Kumbhalgarh is located in Rajasthan; precisely in its southern part. It is situated at about 105 Kms to the west of Udaipur. It is quite a unique and an interesting destination, which attracts tourists from not only all over the country but also all across the globe. The location of Kumbhalgarh has always given it an added advantage as far as history is concerned. This fort was virtually inaccessible in the 15th century. Rana Kumbha of Mewar designed this fortress. He designed this great defensive fortress on a hill, which was situated at a height of 3,500 feet above the earth’s surface, which is approximately 1100 meters high. The person standing on the fort can easily see the approaches made by any individual from Ajmer and Marwar.

The Famous Kumbhalgarh Fort :

Kumbhalgarh Fort Lights
Night View of Kumbhalgarh Fort

Today, because of this fort being easily accessible from Udaipur, Ajmer, Jodhpur and Pushkar and yet being beautiful, Kumbhalgarh has turned into the highly visited and an attractive tourist destination. A couple of attractions at Kumbhalgarh include the massive Kumbhalgarh fort which was constructed in the 15th century and whose wall surrounding it is supposed to be the second longest wall after the Great wall of China. Another reason why people visit Kumbhalgarh is the wild life sanctuary, which covers an area of about 57778 sq Km and is an abode to a huge variety of wildlife as well as several exotic birds.

Apart from the splendid scenic locations in Kumbhalgarh, the places around Kumbhalgarh are equally beautiful and worth watching. These places include The Ranakpur Jain temples, which were built in the year of 1438. Then there is also the magnificent Ghanerao royal castle, which has been converted into a heritage hotel for several paying guests.

Rajsamand Lake that is one of the most famous one and the most popular excursions around Kumbhalgarh, the Muchchala Mahavir temple that is widely known for it’s artistically carved statue and Haldighati, the venue of the most well known or the famous historical battle that would have happened.

The temperature at Kumbhalgarh is generally pretty hot and is between 25ºC- 42ºC during the summer season and varies from about 2ºC, which is pretty cold to maximum of 22ºC during the winter season. The languages spoken by the local people of Kumbhalgarh in Rajasthan are Hindi and Rajasthani. Because of more and more tourists coming and visiting the place, people have also started communicating in English. The ideal time to visit Kumbhalgarh is from any time within the months of September to March, since the climate is either cold or pleasant for people visiting the place. After March it gets a little too hot for the tourists. During monsoon the climate is quite humid. The annual total rainfall averages around 88 cm People living in Kumbhalgarh prefer wearing light tropical clothes for summer and woolen clothes for winter. Girls are often seen wearing ghaghras and guys in dhotis.

The STD code for Kumbhalgarh, Kelwara, Rajasthan is 02954.

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